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Research (Qualitative), Publications, Papers, Op-eds

Aboagye, F (Col) Oct 2019. Threats from Insecurities in Neighbouring Countries. Paper delivered at the Roundtable Panel Discussion on Ghana’s Current Security Challenges, Ghana Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Aboagye, F (Col) July 2019. Current security threats to the nation and election 2020: Will we count votes or cut heads? Paper delivered at University of Cape Coast, 2019 Sandwich Conference.

Col Festus Aboagye (Rtd) (author) Jan 2019. Report on Scoping Study on Emerging Issues in the Peace and Security Environment. Consultant, GIZ Support Project to the KAIPTC.

AU/APSTA 2016. A Comprehensive Review of African Conflicts and Regional Interventions (CRACRI) 2016. Col Festus B. Aboagye (Rtd) (ed), AU Commission project supported by the African Peace Support Trainers Association, Nairobi (pp 244). Available at: <http://www.apsta-africa.org/posts/category/research/?year=2014&gt;.

Aboagye, F 2012. South Africa and R2P: More State Sovereignty and Regime Security Than Human Security? In Malte Brosig (ed), The Responsibility to Protect – From Evasive to Reluctant Action? The Role of Global Middle Powers. HAS/KAS/ISS/SAIIA, Johannesburg, United Litho, October (pp 12/124). Available at: <https://www.swp-berlin.org/fileadmin/contents/products/fachpublikationen/Brozus_Farkas_Germany_and_R2P_2012.pdf&gt;.

Aboagye, F 2012. A stitch in time would have saved nine: Operationalising the African Standby Force. Policy Brief No 34, Pretoria, ISS, September (pp 6). Available at: <http://www.issafrica.org/uploads/No34Sep2012-V2.pdf&gt;.

Aboagye, F (Col) 2011. Indigenous African Warfare: Its Concept and Art in the Gold Coast, Asante and the Northern Territories up to early 1900s, Accra, Ulinsi Publications (pp 517).

Aboagye, F et al, 2010 (Authors). Bottlenecks to police deployments! Police capacity building and deployment in Africa, Pretoria, ISS paper 221, November 2010 (pp 22).

Cilliers, J et al, 2011. Somalia, the intervention dilemma. Pretoria, ISS Policy Brief Nr 20, 20 August.

Aboagye, F 2009. Confronting complex emergencies in Africa: imperatives of a search for a new doctrine of humanitarian security interventions, Pretoria, ISS paper 204, November 2009.

Aboagye, F 2009. International cooperation in police training: practical areas of external initiatives and assistance. 16th Interpol Symposium for Heads of Training, Johannesburg, Seminar Paper (pp 11).

Aboagye, F 2007 (ed). Complex emergencies in the 21st century: challenges of new Africa’s strategic peace and security issues. Monograph Series No. 134, Pretoria, ISS (pp 126).

Aboagye, F 2007. The hybrid operation for Darfur, a critical review of the concept of the mechanism, Pretoria, ISS Paper 149 (pp 24).

Aboagye, F 2007. International and regional trends in peace missions: implications for the SA Army, in le Roux, Len (ed), South African Army Vision 2020, security challenges shaping the future South African Army, Pretoria, ISS (pp 102/26).

Aboagye, F and Bah, Dr. Alhaji MS (eds/authors) 2007. A tortuous road to peace, the dynamics of regional and international humanitarian intervention in Liberia, Pretoria, ISS (pp 323).

Aboagye, F 2004. The ECOWAS security regime and its utility for Africa, in Shannon Field (ed), Peace in Africa, towards a collaborative security regime, Geneva, IDG (pp 30).

Aboagye, F and Bah, Dr. Alhaji MS 2004. Liberia at a crossroads: a preliminary look at the UN Mission and the protection of civilians, Paper 95, Pretoria, ISS (pp 20).

Aboagye, F 2004. The African Mission in Burundi: Lessons learned from the first African Union Peacekeeping Operation. Conflict Trends 2004/2, Durban, ACCORD (pp 7).

Aboagye, F 2001. Towards new peacekeeping partnerships in Africa, the OAU Liaison Mission in Ethiopia-Eritrea. African Security Review, Vol. 10 No. 2, 2001, Pretoria, ISS (pp 17).

Aboagye, F (Lt Col) 1999. ECOMOG, A sub-regional experience in conflict resolution, management and peacekeeping in Liberia. Accra, Sedco (438 pp).

Aboagye, F (Lt Col) 1999. The Ghana Army, a concise contemporary guide to its centennial regimental history, 1897 – 1999. Accra, Sedco (441 pp).

Festus Aboagye, Momentous interventions in a troubled continent, The African.org, Issue 16, Dec 2011/Jan 2012, 34-35, available at <http://www.issafrica.org/publications/The-African/Archive/Issue16%20December-January%202012.pdf&gt;.

Festus Aboagye, Doubts over Ethiopian peacekeepers in Sudan. The African.org, Issue 15, Oct/Nov 2011, 34-35, available at <http://www.issafrica.org/publications/The-African/Archive/Issue15%20October-November%202011.pdf&gt;.

Festus Aboagye, The International Day of Peace and Peacekeeping, ISSToday, 21 Sep 2011, available at <http://www.issafrica.org/iss_today.php?ID=1&gt;.

Festus Aboagye, Is the AU setting itself up to fail like the OAU? The African.org, Issue 14, Aug/Sep 2011, 25-27, available at <http://www.issafrica.org/publications/The-African/Archive/Issue14%20Augsut-September%202011.pdf&gt;.

Festus Aboagye, The Srebrenica massacres: a watershed for international justice and security? ISSToday, 6 Jul 2011, available at <http://www.issafrica.org/iss-today/the-srebrenica-massacres-a-watershed-for-international-justice-and-security&gt;.

Festus B Aboagye, The AU’s policy on Libya isolates it, ISSToday, 6 Jun 2011, available at <http://www.issafrica.org/iss_today.php?ID=1292&gt;.

Festus Aboagye, North Africa beware, lessons for Africa. The African.org, Issue 12, Apr/May 2011, 14-19, available at <http://www.issafrica.org/publications/The-African/Archive/Issue12%20April-May%202011.pdf&gt;.

Festus B Aboagye, Referendum a test for the African Union, The African.org, Issue 10, Dec 2010-Jan 2011, 24-27, available at <http://www.issafrica.org/publications/The-African/Archive/Issue7%20June-July%202010.pdf&gt;.

Jakkie Cilliers, Henri Boshoff and Festus Aboagye, Troop surge in Somalia won’t solve anything. The African.org, Issue 9, Oct-Nov 2010, 11-14, available at <http://www.issafrica.org/publications/The-African/Archive/Issue9%20October-November%202010.pdf&gt;.

Aboagye, FB 2010. The Uganda bombings: al Shabaab’s agenda and ramifications beyond the terrorism dimension, ISSToday, 14 July.

Aboagye, FB 2010. Non-intervention: an alternative way for modern conflict resolution, APSTA Peacekeeping This Month, 12 June.

Aboagye, F 2010. How the UN and AU can create ‘a peace to keep’. The African.org, Issue 6, Apr/May 2010, 38-41, available at <http://www.issafrica.org/publications/The-African/Archive/Issue6%20April-May%202010.pdf&gt;.

Aboagye, F 2009. Stumbling and fumbling over the implementation of the ‘responsibility to protect: the Darfur debacle, APSTA Peacekeeping This Month, 9 April.

Aboagye, F 2009. Ghana Elections 2008 – the dimension of civil-military relations in an evolving democracy. Daily Graphic, 22 January, 19, 26.

Aboagye, F 2008. Mandates and operational lacunas in Darfur, APSTA Peacekeeping This Month, 6 March.

Aboagye, F 2007. AMIS fatalities: the cost of peacekeeping or symptoms of weakness? APSTA Peacekeeping This Month, 19 October.

Aboagye, F 2007. Peacekeeping Reform: democratisation, devolution or multilateralism? APSTA Peacekeeping This Month, 31 May. 

Development of Peacekeeping /Peace Support Operations-Related Manuals

AU 2017. African Union Comprehensive Mission Start-Up Guide. Col Festus B. Aboagye (Rtd) (ed/consultant), Addis Ababa (pp 281). August.

AU 2016. Guidelines on Integrating HIV Interventions in African Union Peace Support Operations 2016. Col Festus B. Aboagye (Rtd) (ed/consultant), Addis Ababa (pp 30).

AU/APSTA 2014. Revised Harmonised Standards For Civilian Peacekeepers Foundation & Police Pre-Deployment Training Manual. Col Festus B. Aboagye (Rtd) (ed), APSTA Project in Support of the AU Commission, Nairobi (pp 112).

AU/APSTA 2015. Harmonised Training Standards for AU ASF Integrated Mission Planning Manual. Col Festus B. Aboagye (Rtd) (ed), APSTA Project in Support of the AU Commission, Nairobi (pp 115).

AU/APSTA 2016. AU Formed Police Unit Training Standards Manual. Col Festus B. Aboagye (Rtd) (ed), AU Commission project supported by the African Peace Support Trainers Association, Nairobi (pp 84). AU-approved, pending publication.

AU/APSTA 2017. Harmonised Standards for AU ASF Integrated Mission Support Training Manual. Col Festus B. Aboagye (Rtd) (ed), APSTA Project in Support of the AU Commission, Nairobi (pp 104).

ECOWAS 2015. ECOWAS Standby Force Doctrine for Peace Support Operations. Col Festus B. Aboagye (Rtd) (ed/consultant), Abuja (pp 142). ECOWAS-approved, pending publication.

ECOWAS 2015. Financial Management Guidelines for Peace Support Operations in ECOWAS. Col Festus B. Aboagye (Rtd) (ed/consultant), Abuja (pp 92). ECOWAS-approved, pending publication.

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